Entertainment Industry Coalition
Agency Association

The strength and legitimacy of solidarity.

Support, benefits and resources.

Does not mean no rules.

Establish industry standards and benchmarks.

Welcome to the EICAA website where you will find valuable information about our Association and our members as well as upcoming and past events.

The EICAA (Entertainment Industry Coalition Agency Association) is an Association of Greater Toronto based Agencies that have come together with the goal of promoting ethical agency practices and setting industry standards and benchmarks.

As an Association, we make our voice heard in the entertainment community, with ACTRA, Casting Directors and other Non Union venues.

With a strong code of ethics and practice as our foundation, and the support of ACTRA, we can assure actors that our members are committed to the best in talent representation.

You can find our members here on our website as well as on the ACTRA Agency listings flagged by an (EICAA) beside their name.